Gordon Wickstrom Commemorative Bench Dedication

Sunday September 27, 2015


Boulder Flycasters Memorial Park: Located 2.8 miles from the mouth of Boulder Canyon (one mile west of the Four Mile Canyon intersection).

Boulder Flycasters has purchased and installed a commemorative bench to honor Gordon Wickstrom for his long time contribution to Boulder Flycasters.  Gordon passed away September 18, 2014 and we have been working on a way to remember him and his contribution over the years.
Boulder Flycasters board agreed that he should be honored in a lasting way by placing a Gordon Wickstrom bench at our BFC Memorial Park, which is located 2.8 miles from the mouth of Boulder Canyon, next to Gordon’s beloved Boulder Creek.

As an added note:  When the Flycasters built the park, Gordon spoke at the dedication.

Members and friends of Boulder Flycasters and Gordon will gather there on Sunday, September 27th at 2:00 p.m.
We have invited Gordon’s wife, Betty, and her family to the dedication.
We hope to have a great turnout to remember Gordon.
Bob Bush,  Board Member
(The Bronco Game is that evening, so no one will miss the action!)

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