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Boulder Flycasters welcomes anyone who is interested in protecting and enhancing the health of our local streams and lakes, and enjoys fishing, to become a member. Boulder Flycasters is a Chapter of Trout Unlimited that focuses on the Boulder Creek watershed while promoting conservation and youth education. When you become a Trout Unlimited member you automatically become a regular member of Boulder Flycasters. You can become, or continue to be, a Trout Unlimited member at the following links:

TU introductory membership.

Renew your existing membership in TU.

In addition to the Boulder Flycasters regular membership there is an opportunity to becoming a Supporting Member of Boulder Flycasters by making a $50 (or greater) donation. All donations go directly to Boulder Flycasters and support the implementation of on-the-ground projects and youth education programs. As a Supporting Member, which is effective for 12 consecutive months, you also receive 10-percent off most purchases at Front Range Anglers and Rocky Mountain Anglers fly shops located in Boulder. To become a Supporting Member, click on one of the Donate button options below. You will be taken to PayPal’s secure website where you can enter your contact and credit card information for processing. Be sure to enter a valid email address, so that a receipt can be sent to you.

1-year donation ($50):
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Automatic renewal (see below):

If you prefer to send a check for your Supporting Member donation, you can mail it to PO Box 541, Boulder, CO 80306.

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You may set up an automatically renewing Supporting Membership to Boulder Flycasters by clicking the “Subscribe” button above. This is the most efficient way for you to continue your