Stephen Brant


Retiring after 42 years working in the Consulting and IT Services business, I wanted to volunteer for a conservation organization.  Being part of Trout Unlimited, and especially a local chapter like Boulder Flycasters, is a way to both serve the community we live in and my personal passion for finding incredible places to fish for beautiful trout.  As it turns out, this is also a great way to hang with like-minded people across generations and personal backgrounds.  The practical, hands-on approach to cold water fisheries conservation and watershed improvement emphasized by TU is a great draw for many.   After joining Boulder Flycasters in 2017, it was clear that the new generation of leaders for this chapter are very energized to not only fish and have fun, but to also do serious work in the Boulder Creek watershed.

My father started my brother and me fishing before entering kindergarten. As a fishing, skiing and outdoors enthusiast, and a fly fisherman for over 30 years, I’ve also had the opportunity to take my children camping and fishing at a young age.  Camping, fishing, and riding snow lives on with our family.  Living and passing on the conservation and outdoors ethos is what I see in the folks at Boulder Flycasters, and the many other TU folks I get to meet, fish with, and share time together.