Mission Statement

Our Mission

Boulder Flycasters works to conserve, protect and restore the Boulder Creek watershed coldwater fisheries and associated habitat, flows and recreation. As the grassroots arm of our parent organization, Trout Unlimited, we use cooperation, collaboration, advocacy and education to promote conservation.

Boulder Flycasters works to:

  • Protect high quality habitat for native and wild coldwater fish and to maintain free flowing rivers;
  • Reconnect fragmented fish populations and habitats by restoring flows to dewatered rivers and re-opening fish passage;
  • Restore watersheds by working in collaboration with other conservation and governmental organizations, as well as private landowners, to preserve and improve the quality of habitats that support coldwater fish;
  • Sustain the efforts of our volunteers and supporters by inspiring a strong conservation ethic in the next generation of river stewards.

Chapter Meetings Held September to April

Board Meetings Held September to May