Boulder Flycaster’s annual Boulder Creek clean-up

Fish passage workshop

Boulder Flycaster’s annual creek clean-up will get underway Saturday Oct 11th at Boulder Flycasters Memorial Park approximately 2.5 miles up Boulder Canyon. The park is about 150 yards past the tunnel on your left.

We’ll meet between 8:00 and 9:15 a.m. for registration and clean-up beat assignments. Bring gloves and waders if you’d like to pull out trash from in the stream. An old rake can do wonders to help with in-stream work. We’re planning on cleaning up both the stream and along the highway from the mouth of Boulder Canyon up to Barker Dam if we have enough volunteers.

Each volunteer will be responsible for about 1/2 mile of stream and we’ll have teams of two so bring a buddy or another family member to help us!

We’ll have plenty of trash bags and safety vests provided by the county and they’ll pick up all trash we gather later on during the week.

Boulder Flycasters will provide coffee, snacks, lunch and beverages for all those who help. You can sign up right now, email: [email protected]

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