Colorado College Fly-fishing Club

A note from Colorado College’s Fly-fishing Club; Please consider helping their efforts…

Dear Boulder Fly Casters,

We write to you as Colorado College students, avid anglers, and most importantly on behalf of theColorado College Fly Fishing Club as founding members. Our interest is to inquire whether your chapter can help support our club.

Surprisingly, upon our arrival at CC in fall 2010, there was no fly-fishing club on campus and anglers had a very minimal presence. In the spring of 2011, we founded the Colorado College fly-fishing club. The club was originally a place for anglers to come together and share their passion for the sport, but it soon transformed. Today, we strive to instill a sense of respect, humility, and stewardship in our members for our waters and fisheries. We aim to attract, educate, and unite Colorado College anglers, experienced and new, under the veil of our club to exchange knowledge and experiences around our love of fly-fishing.

This has come to be through various projects and events. We put on a successful film premier in collaboration with the Green Back of Denver, held multiple fly-tying clinics in conjunction with the Cheyenne Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited, as well as a handful of successful trips on the river, both fishing and service oriented. Some of our more experienced members and leaders of the club took home 1st and 3rd place at the CTU 5 Rivers Rendezvous tournament last year on the Yampa in Steamboat last year and two weekends ago we defended our title, but we want to do more! We are also in the process of running a crowd funding campaign through (you can find the link below) to allow us to create an endowment for our club, which is where we hope you can help. You’ll find the link to our crowd funding campaign below and would truly appreciate it if you can pass the link and our note on to members of your chapter. We’re more than halfway there and have 10 days to meet our goal!

Through this, we can make our plans for the coming year a reality! We hope to work with CTU, Project Healing Waters, and most importantly, get new anglers on the river! We strive to be a club known for its eagerness to give back, to educate, and attract new addicts to the sport. We hope you can help!

Tight Lines,

Brooks Pinnick, Kevin Coleman, and Sawyer Connelly

Founding Members, Colorado College Fly Fishing Club

Please find link to crowd funding here:


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