Bad public lands transfer study bill in CO Senate

On Thursday, the Colorado Senate Agriculture and and Natural Resources Committee will have a hearing at 1:30 in the afternoon regarding SB 232. This bill intends to study the transfer of federal lands to the State of Colorado. This is a cookie cutter concept being pushed across the west that would rather see the lands open for exploitation and have much less scrutiny over any potential development activities. The net would be less access (see CO State Land Board Land where only 18% are open to the public and CPW uses sportsmen’s dollars to lease many other state lands. The dollars could be better used for habitat improvement and additional access) and more development on these lands. Further, the State simply does not have anywhere near the funds to manage Colorado’s 24 million acres of public lands. Please consider joining other TU members, other sportsmen and women, and public lands users to “pack the house” at Thursday’s hearing. Contact: Aaron Kindle at Trout Unlimited 303-868-2859[email protected] for more information / meeting with others Thursday.


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