BFC Fishing trip to North Park

Last weekend, some Boulder Flycasters journeyed to North Park and fished a number of rivers and streams in the area.  These included the North Platte, Illinois and Michigan rivers and some small stream tributaries.  The trip was provided by North Park Anglers who were very accommodating and took us to several of their great fishing areas on these rivers.  We hope to organize another trip next year!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABFC John LoPorto and Dave Clark with North Park Angler guide Joey.  Getting ready to fish!  P1030264NPA guide Drew with BFC Vince Kotsubo and Ron Andersonphoto2BFC Dan Miller and NPA guide Bob with a nice rainbow.DSC01417That’s a nice fish, John!  P1050604

BFC Rob McCormack sneaks up on a fishP1050605Nice Brown Rob!P1050608

BFC Chad Pettrone and NPA guide Tim show off a beautiful Brown trout.  photo“We had a great time” says BFC Bob Head!

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