Donating Member Wins Guided Trip

P1040131 Greg Biesecker was the winner of our new raffle to help encourage Boulder Flycasters to become supporting members.  Supporting members donate at least $50 per year to Boulder Flycasters.  This money helps us to partner on conservation projects.  We have two projects right now that we are working on the Upper South Boulder Creek Restoration, and Jenny Creek. Visit to learn more about these two projects.

Greg’s day on the water with Boulder Flycaster board member and fly fishing guide, Chad Pettrone (that’s me!) was a success.  We fished the Big Thompson River for four hours in the morning.  Flows were at 350, water color was a little muddy but still almost a foot of visibility.  We nymph fished most of the morning, but Greg also caught a couple fish on dries.  Nymphs we found successful were a beaded green hares ear, CDC pheasant tail, blue poison tongue, and a pink Ray Charles sow bug.  Dries that caught fish were a black beetle followed with a size 22 parachute adams.

I guarantee everyone catches a fish on my guided fly fishing trips, and just because it was a volunteered trip, it makes no difference.  Greg was under the impression that I was going to take him to my secret spot to guarantee his fish catching – where the fish are stacked like firewood and eat on every cast.  On the Big Thompson, as well as many other rivers, location is less important than fish count.  We fished the section of water that is most popular, from Mall Road up to the Estes Lake dam, simply because it has the highest fish count at that location.  After the flood, fish counts actually went up under the dam because many of the lake fish flooded into the river.

30 fish is the number we agreed was a good estimate as to how many fish Greg caught.  You can do it too.  Visit to book me as your guide, and don’t forget to sign up as a sponsoring member to Boulder Flycasters at  Maybe you will be the next person to win a free guided trip!


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