Catch & Release Signs are now in place on Boulder Creek


Thanks to everyone who came out on a cold and rainy Saturday last weekend to install the final nine Catch & Release signs along the Boulder Creek Path.  A total of 21 signs have been placed between Ebin Fine Park and 55th St. giving a much higher profile for the Catch & Release regulations. 

  Additional interpretive signs similar to those placed in Rogers Park will be added as part of a larger Kiosk project being planned by the City of Boulder early next year.  These signs will help educate creek visitors about catch & release and safe fish handling methods.

 A special thanks to the multiple City of Boulder departments who embraced this project and went out of their way to approve and install our new signage.  Both Kristin Cannon and Kris Middledorf, our Colorado Parks & Wildlife officers played a pivotal role in our success as well.  We are very fortunate to have their service in our community.

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