Boulder Creek upriver from Red Lion

Boulder Creek just below the bridge at 38148 Canyon Blvd

We have had some concerned fly fisherman ask us about the project going on above the Red Lion on Canyon Blvd.  This project was approved on Sept 24, 2012 by the Boulder Public Works Development Review staff as a Wetland Permit.  The utility work will relocate new 24″ pipes (old ones with holes seen in picture) five feet under the streambed. The pipes will continue to mitigate water from the Orodell Hydroelectric Facility down to the Four Mile interconnect site.  They do have plans to clean up and re-vegetate the area.  Katie Knapp of the Public Works Dept will address your concerns at 303-441-3273 or [email protected] 

 A copy of the wetland permit is available on page 19 at  


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