Upper South Boulder Creek Restoration

East Portal Entrance

  • What
    • Restoration of 2 areas of upper South Boulder Creek
    • Moffat Tunnel going east for approx. 1 miles
    • Jumbo Mountain Picnic Area immediately upstream and downstream
  • Why
    • Extreme flows dictated by Moffat Tunnel (6 cfs low 1000+cfs high)
      • few holding areas
      • fish passage blocked during winter low flows
    • Denver Water set money aside years ago to help correct these issues
      • 50% of the money used in lower South Boulder Creek improvements
      • Using the  rest of the money on upper South Boulder Creek
    • Jumbo Mountain and Moffat Tunnel areas offered best access above Gross Reservoir
  • Who
    • BFC, CPW, USFS, Denver Water, Union Pacific and CTU
  • When
    • Grant applications, Contractor Selection and Design (Spring, Summer, Fall 2012)
    • Stream Restoration,  (Spring, Summer, Fall 2013).
    • Trail construction and planting (Summer/Fall 2014)
  • Status: see current status at bottom of this page.


Location Overview


Moffat Tunnel Section


Upstream from Jumbo Mountain Picnic Area


Downstream from Jumbo Mountain Picnic Area

Funding Status

  • Denver Water Board Committed $124,900
  • Fishing is Fun Grant $80,000 approved July 11, 2012
  • Trout and Salmon Grant Request of $5,000 submitted in June – No funding from Trout and Salmon Foundation

Construction is 100% Complete

Video: Construction at South Boulder Creek Interpretive Area

FlyWater Walsh USBC Concept Design

Very FishablePool #1Pool #2