Welcome to the Boulder Flycasters Virtual Awards Page.  Thanks to Roger Svendsen for his suggestion to create this page.  Like many non-profit groups, we have no “brick & mortar” club house to display awards and honors received on the behalf of our volunteer members or individual members.  By default, awards are received and held by the individuals who were chapter officers at the time and are lost in memory and garage boxes.

With the power of the internet and our website we can share in the celebration of chapter and individual achievements through a dedicated BFC Virtual Awards Page.  Please take the time to look through the various categories of past chapter and individual awards.  I think you will agree, BFC has a rich tradition of stewardship for TU and our community.

CTU Chapter Awards:  Colorado TU recognizes chapter excellence each spring at the  CTU Spring Rendezvous for chapters demonstrating leadership and innovation.

  • Exemplary Youth Education Programs 2003, 05 & 08
  • Outstanding Chapter communications 2003, 09 & 10
  • Exemplary CTU Chapter 2003 & 07

CTU Individual Awards:  Colorado TU also recognizes individual contributions to our TU mission with awards such as Volunteer of the Year and the Silver Trout Award.

Project Awards:  Boulder Flycasters has received many project related awards in recent years for your watershed stewardship.

  • CTU Exemplary Project- Rogers Park  2010
  • Boulder County Pinacle Award 2009
  • Boulder County Environmental Stewardship 2009
  • Blue Grammas Award, Colorado Open Space Alliance, 2009


Chapter Flycaster of the Year:  BFC has a long and rich tradition of honoring member volunteers for their contributions to the club.  Roger was our last recipient and he will be the first posted with his award and biography.  Others will be filled in and completed as we connect with former award winners.

National TU Awards:  BFC has had dedicated members honored with national TU recognition as well.