David Steinberger

Board Member

David Steinberger

I live in Boulder and work in Denver as an environmental lawyer in private practice.  I obtained my masters degree from CU Boulder in 1994, and made the mistake of leaving Boulder.  It took twenty years to make my way back to Boulder, this time with a family in-tow.

I was born in Connecticut and spent four years in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for college – I was only 30 minutes from the LeTort, but alas, I was more interested in chasing after beer (and girls) for those four years, so I didn’t do any fishing there. I became re-acquainted with fly fishing when I was in Boulder for school, and have been fishing non-stop whenever I can since then.  After CU, I went to law school in New York (Pace Law) and then lived in DC for several years for my first “real” jobs.  After DC,  we were in New Jersey for a little more than a decade.  I fished often in the Catskills, on the fabled Beaverkill in Roscoe, NY and the always challenging West Branch of the Delaware River.

I have been a TU member for decades, but I decided to get more involved now that I have joined the Boulder Flycasters.  We can’t take any of our cold water fisheries for granted, and it’s critical that groups like TU work to protect those waters at the National, State and local levels.  And as the father of two young kids, I understand that it’s critical that we strive to make sure they grow up with healthy rivers and happy trout (and other happy critters, too).  We also need to teach the next generations just how precious our natural resources are.  And if my kids at least learn to fly fish with dad, that would be cool too.

So I look forward with working with TU and the Boulder Flycasters to make sure we are protecting those resources.