Charity Event for Casting 4A Cure

There will be a charity event for the Casting 4A Cure, A charity dedicated to finding a cure for Rett syndrome, a unique postnatal neurological disorder primarily found in females.

Date: Thursday Sept 25, 2014
Location – The Tasty Weasel, 1800 Pike Road, Longmont, CO
Expo/Happy Hour: 5:30 –7pm
Showtime 7pm
Price $15 – On Sale at the Tasty Weasel, Online or at: Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop

10675 Ute Highway, Longmont
Rocky Mountain Anglers
1904 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder
Front Range Anglers
2344 Pearl St., Boulder
You get
(1) Free Beer or Root Beer
(1) Raffle Ticket
(1) Koozie
Seating – we will have about 100 seats on site but we encourage lawn chairs, Camping seats etc
The Bone Wagon will be on site for food.
Films – Will be a mix of F3T content and Never before seen content – this is NOT just the 2014 F3T but another new film about fly fishing.


Sprucing up the Park

Today seemed like the perfect time to go clean up the Boulder Flycasters Memorial Park up Boulder Canyon.  The weather was cool and a little cloudy.  Six of us volunteered several hours of our Saturday doing just that (although we didn’t plan on the weather working in our favor). They were Dave Clark, Greg Nelson, Dan Miller, Paul Prentiss, Frank Selto and myself, Marian Clark.

Twice a year the Boulder Flycasters members go up there to cut down the tall grass, pick up trash and limb brush on the trails.  This was my first year as a volunteer and I have to say, I had a lot of fun.  Not only did we get outside in the air and burn a few calories, but we also did a good thing by cleaning up the park for the public to enjoy.

If you have never been there, it’s just past the first tunnel on Highway 7 headed towards Nederland and on the left side of the road.  They even have two nice benches facing the river great for picnicking.  Looks like the fishing would be good there too.steps

DMC Weed wacker


This is something I would encourage people to join in on for our future meets.  While we were working, a nice Asian couple with their children stopped by to see the river.  I really got a sense of pride in knowing that people stop by routinely, even from other cultures. We also witnessed a dad and his son come by with a fishing rod.

We hauled out a large trash bag full of trash and weeds.

It wonderful to belong to such a worthy organization who cares and are conscientious about the health of our rivers, streams and forests, and are willing to give up their personal time to keep our lands beautiful for all to enjoy.

Thanks Boulder Flycasters for staying on top of it!

Posted by Marian Clark, Member, Boulder Flycasters

Willow Harvesting and Staking

On June 21, I was joined by JD Fant, Kurt Soderberg, Jack Jostes, Mark Pscheid, and Fred Frankel to cut and stake willows for the Upper South Boulder Creek project.  It was an enjoyable and productive outing.  We cut over 500 stakes to be used later for bank stablization, and we cut and staked an additional 200 to restore an area where whole willow clumps had been harvested.  Many thanks to the volunteers!


willowssmall photo1

Red Rocks Lake USFS Youth Fishing Outing

Today, Keith Hesse, Greg Biesecker, Allen Nakagawa and I volunteered to help the U.S. Forest Service with their youth fishing outing in the Brainard Recreation Area. Colorado Parks and Wildlife was also represented.  It was a beautiful day, the kids were lots of fun, and fishing wasn’t real great.  I think everyone had a good time.





Donating Member Wins Guided Trip

P1040131 Greg Biesecker was the winner of our new raffle to help encourage Boulder Flycasters to become supporting members.  Supporting members donate at least $50 per year to Boulder Flycasters.  This money helps us to partner on conservation projects.  We have two projects right now that we are working on the Upper South Boulder Creek Restoration, and Jenny Creek. Visit to learn more about these two projects.

Greg’s day on the water with Boulder Flycaster board member and fly fishing guide, Chad Pettrone (that’s me!) was a success.  We fished the Big Thompson River for four hours in the morning.  Flows were at 350, water color was a little muddy but still almost a foot of visibility.  We nymph fished most of the morning, but Greg also caught a couple fish on dries.  Nymphs we found successful were a beaded green hares ear, CDC pheasant tail, blue poison tongue, and a pink Ray Charles sow bug.  Dries that caught fish were a black beetle followed with a size 22 parachute adams.

I guarantee everyone catches a fish on my guided fly fishing trips, and just because it was a volunteered trip, it makes no difference.  Greg was under the impression that I was going to take him to my secret spot to guarantee his fish catching - where the fish are stacked like firewood and eat on every cast.  On the Big Thompson, as well as many other rivers, location is less important than fish count.  We fished the section of water that is most popular, from Mall Road up to the Estes Lake dam, simply because it has the highest fish count at that location.  After the flood, fish counts actually went up under the dam because many of the lake fish flooded into the river.

30 fish is the number we agreed was a good estimate as to how many fish Greg caught.  You can do it too.  Visit to book me as your guide, and don’t forget to sign up as a sponsoring member to Boulder Flycasters at  Maybe you will be the next person to win a free guided trip!


Upper South Boulder Creek Walkthrough

On May 15, Frank Selto and I joined Corey Engen (Flywater), Blair Vajda (Walsh), Ben Swigle (CPW) and Chris Carroll (USFS) for a final inspection of the USBC project.  All the construction looked very good.  Follow up work needed:

Moffat area: seeding, erosion control matting, and willow staking on the creek bank: – Flywater

Moffat area: willow cutting for stream bank (200) – Boulder Flycasters

Moffat area: willow cutting and restaking in USFS area (30?) – Boulder Flycasters

Jumbo Mountain area: rough-in 4 access points – Flywater

Jumbo Mountain area: willow staking – perhaps 20 if we think necessary.

Once we are notified the contractor is going to the site for seeding, we’ll be asking for 10 volunteers for a day of willow cutting and staking – should have 10 days or more lead time.


May 17th, 2014 Boulder Creek Clean Up at 8:30am, Scott Carpenter Park – Post Flood

Now is a great time to get your hands dirty and be apart of the great work happening on Boulder Creek.  We will be working with the City of Boulder this weekend on the Boulder Creek Cleanup, which is apart of a larger Community Clean Up Day; this May 17th at 8:30AM at Scott Carpenter Park on 30th and Arapahoe


Creek Clean Up May 17th Report To Boulder Creek Cleanup Sign-in Desk at 8:30 a.m. at Scott Carpenter Park (Arapahoe and 30th).

Parking suggestions:  Parking is available on the 29th or 30th street side of the park, or is an easy bike or walk on the Boulder Creek Path from Millennium Hotel Parking lot

Sign in at the tables in front of the pool building: Grab Supplies Trash bags, Disposable Gloves, Bottle of Eldorado Springs Water, Instructions on cleanup–trash vs. recycling items, rules, etc., Creek Section Map for your group, Clean your section(s) of the creek

Return to Scott Carpenter Park and let us know your sections are clean.

Get your free pass for the Boulder Reservoir

Celebrate! Join us for an ice cream social at Scott Carpenter Park for all volunteers participating in the City of Boulder Community Clean Up Day.

THINGS TO REMEMBER: *Bring your signed waiver form found at

*Dress for the weather

*Bring waders and be careful around the creek

*Have fun–ENJOY a great day!

AND thanks for all your help and great community spirit

For more information or questions, call:  Richard and Alma Alber at 303-449-5663 or email at


Streamer Fishing Techniques in Colorado and Beyond with Reid Baker of Freestone Outfitters.


When: May 7, 2014 6:30 pm

Where: Upslope’s Flatirons Tasting Room

1898 S Flatiron Ct., Boulder, Colorado

On Wednesday, May 7th, Reid Baker, Guide Manager for Freestone Outfitters in Denver will be the guest speaker at The Boulder Flycaster’s Monthly Meeting. Reid will be presenting on “Streamer Technique in Colorado and Beyond”. The idea: big flies, big grabs, big fish. If you’ve only thought streamer fishing involved cast and strip, you’ll benefit from Reid’s informative presentation that works on almost any fish, anywhere. Growing up on the trout and steelhead waters of Oregon, many of Reid’s earliest memories revolve around fly fishing trips with his father. Since becoming a professional guide, he has come to understand how much he truly lives to watch his infectious excitement for the sport rub off on others. When not guiding, he travels the world, fly rod in hand, constantly amazed by the remarkable people and places fishing has shown him. Freestone Outfitters is Denver’s Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Service, specializing in public and trophy private water on the South Platte and Colorado River Drainages.