Jenny Creek

Jenny Creek is a South Boulder Creek tributary originating in the Rollins Pass area.  Over the years a section of the stream has rerouted onto an Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) trail.  The result is that about 7/10 of a mile of fish habitat and migration has been virtually ruined.  The United States Forest Service approached Boulder Flycasters about partnering with them on a restoration effort.  Initial details of the project are described on the Boulder Flycasters web page under “conservation”.

Upper South Boulder Creek Progress

Mark Riley and I visited the Jumbo Mountain Picnic Area (now South Boulder Creek Interpretive area) to review construction progress.  We were hosted by Blair Hurst from Walsh Environmental.  So far:

Moffat Tunnel area construction is complete

South Boulder Creek Interpretive area

  1. Rock staging complete
  2. Willow staging and planting complete
  3. 2 of 7 pools complete – should finish next week

So far it looks great!  Here are some pictures and a short video:

USBC Jumbo Mountain Stretch 001 USBC Jumbo Mountain Stretch 002 USBC Jumbo Mountain Stretch 004 USBC Jumbo Mountain Stretch 006 USBC Jumbo Mountain Stretch 007

Upper South Boulder Creek Progress

On March 16, Mark Riley and I traveled to the Moffat Tunnel area to check on progress.  We first underwent a railroad safety orientation (very interesting) and then toured the construction site.  So far:

  • Rock harvesting from slope immediately south of the creek is complete (for Moffat and Jumbo)
  • Several long riffle/pool areas were complete – looked very natural and fishy!
  • Some whole willows were planted along the stream bed and bank stabilization was complete
  • The Moffat area construction should complete next week and activities will move to Jumbo.
  • All activities should complete by 11/8 – weather permitting
  • Some willow cutting/staking will be done by BFC next spring – more to come later on this activity.
  • Here is a link to Mark’s pictures:

Upper South Boulder Creek Project Meeting


Drove through the rain to attend a project meeting for Upper South Boulder Creek today

Attendees from Flywater, Walsh, CPW, Denver Water, USFS and BFC

Design 75% complete – did approximately 20 cross sections of the two sites

Permitting on pace to be granted by 10/1 (Notification to proceed)

Site prep starting now – Fuel Cells and Excavators on site next week – start staging rock to areas of need.

Construction should complete by 1st week of November

Contractor will reseed areas as equipment is moved out.

BFC to replant willows from cuttings next spring – before leaf out.  Will need volunteers then (10 or more).



Upper South Boulder Creek Status

We have selected a contractor Team Flywater and Walsh.

Conceptual Design Document link is posted on the website

Next steps - Finalize contract – preparation for permitting and finalizing desing

Construction should really get rolling in September.

Volunteer needs – probably minimal this year – may need some replanting of willows in harvest areas. Next spring – reseeding and more planting.  Will provide more details later.

South Boulder Creek pre-bid meeting

On May 14th we met with potential bidders to discuss improvements to upper South Boulder Creek.  There were approximately 10 potential bidders along with representatives from Colorado DOW, U.S. Forest Service, Denver Water Board and Boulder Flycasters.  We spent about 1.5 hours on bid details and over two hours looking at the improvement sites.  Next steps are:

Proposals due 6/14

Contractor selection – 7/1

Begin Construction – 8/1